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Ask Missy Boo About Lawn Ornament and Statue Repair

Lawn Ornament And Statue Repair

We found it quite necessary to learn to repair concrete while we were selling lawn ornaments.  Each trip to the hardware store would bring home a new trial of another form of repair for the pieces.  Different products would work best for different repairs. 

Small holes - Quickrete Vinyl Concrete Patcher is available in powder and readymix patch repair.  You can mix a small amount of the powder with water and stuff it into the hole.  Whether you use the powder mix or the readymix, wipe any extra off the surface. 

Small cracks - Quickrete works well on the small cracks also.  You can mix the powder a little thin and wipe off the excess.

Small piece broken off - Superglue works well to glue a small piece of concrete back onto concrete.  Just make sure both surfaces are clean and fit together tightly.

Large piece broken off - Bondo Body Filler - regular car Bondo - works the best.  Bondo is available in red, blue, and grey.  The grey is best if you can find it.  The Bondo contains two containers and you mix the ingredients.  The tube contains the color.  The darker you make the color, the quicker the piece dries and sets up.  Keep this in mind when you are mixing. 

Several pieces - When a concrete lawn ornament has broken into several pieces it is best repaired with Bondo. 

When doing lawn ornament and statue repair, you will find that some products did not match up color as well as others, so this must be taken into consideration if you are not painting the piece after you repair it.  You may want to paint a piece after the repair just to completely hide the repair.

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lawnornamentandstatuerepair lawnornamentandstatuerepair lawnornamentandstatuerepair

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