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humming bird feeder

Oriole Bird Feeder

An oriole bird feeder isn't one certain style of feeder.  Orioles eat primarily insects and caterpillars so you can't attract them with a seed feeder.  

They do have a sweet tooth and they love nectar.  Orioles will drink from a nectar feeder with a perch.  Orioles are partial to the color orange and are attracted to the color so watch for an orange nectar feeder.

They also like oranges.  You can cut an orange in half and place it on a nail that sticks through a board for a special treat for the orioles.  Orioles will eat from suet feeders or ground up suet and bread in a ground feeder.

Orioles can also be attracted to a yard by planting grape vines and berries. They can't resist these tasty treats. 

These beautiful birds tend to stay in the tops of trees so you don't see them often.  The males have a gorgeous brilliant orange or bright yellow bodies and shiny black hoods, wings and tails.  Orioles have a wonderful whistling song. 

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